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4,5,6 October
Peace and Security
Protect Our Peace, Save Our Security



Dear guest,

It is our pleasure to invite you and your school to the 12th annual session of the Lorentz Model United Nations Arnhem (LmunA). The conference will start on Friday 4 October and end on Sunday 6 October 2019. It will be held at the Lorentz Lyceum in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

This year’s theme is Protect our Peace, Save our Security

Peace and security are linked topics, as peace safeguards security and vice versa. Events such as terrorist attacks, nuclear weapons and conflicts have over the years increased in periodicity, decreasing both the sense of peace and the sense of security for mankind. Both physical and mental security are of importance in creating peace. Yet, it is essential to oversee the consequences of enforcing too much or too little security upon our nations and our people. When does privacy step in? To what extent do we benefit from weapon production? How can we make sure to give our people a feeling of security, while keeping other aspects in mind? This year’s LmunA theme enables delegates to explore new ways regarding safeguarding and conserving peace by strengthening international relationships through a variety of global political issues.

We hope to welcome you all in October.

Kind regards,
Lenneke Willemsen
Secretary-General of LmunA 2019 

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