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Disclaimer & Conduct

General behaviour
As LmunA is a simulation of the United Nations, delegates are expected to demonstrate representative behaviour at all times during the conference. This includes adhering to the dress code, use of English as the language of communication at all times, adhering to all Lorentz Lyceum school rules, mutual respect, and punctuality both at the conference venue and outside of it. A high standard of personal conduct and professional behaviour is imperative to the safe environment LmunA wishes to maintain at all times, and it is therefore in the best interest of the LmunA Organisation as well as individual delegates and MUN Directors alike.

Responsibilities of MUN Directors
Every school’s delegation has to be accompanied by at least one MUN Director. LmunA demands that accompanying MUN Directors are teachers or adults otherwise affiliated with their school. Adult students – although welcome as delegates or Student Advisors – are not accepted as MUN Directors. During conference hours at least one MUN Director per delegation has to be present at the conference venue at all times. Delegations which choose to attend the party on Saturday evening have to be accompanied by at least one MUN Director as well.

Delegations not assigned housing by the LmunA Organization have to be accompanied by their MUN Director(s) during their overnight stays. The LmunA Organisation does not accept responsibility for delegations which choose their own accommodations. The organization does, however, ask MUN Directors to demand a similar level of professional behaviour of their students at their chosen accommodation.

MUN Directors are expected to adhere to the dress code like their students, as they have to set a good example.

Conduct at the conference venue
The LmunA conference will be held at a school, which means participating delegates are required to treat the venue properly and respectfully, and they must under no circumstance resort to vandalism, littering or disrespectful behaviour towards fellow delegates, StOff, MUN Directors, Lorentz Lyceum staff, or members of the LmunA Organising Committee. Smoking is prohibited within school premises. Lunch will be served, and is expected to be consumed, at a designated area. Drinks in sealable bottles brought by delegates are allowed to be consumed in delegation rooms as well. Drugs are strictly prohibited at all venues connected to the conference in any way. Any consumption of alcohol is prohibited during the conference. As a result of a change in Dutch law concerning the age at which alcohol may be consumed, the consumption of alcohol is now also prohibited at the party. The executive staff or the party venue reserves the right to deny delegates and stOff entry to the party if they are under the influence of alchohol.

Conduct in host families (housing programme)
Delegates who are assigned housing through LmunA’s housing programme are expected to demonstrate the same level of appropriate behaviour at their host family as is expected at the conference venue. As the LmunA Organisation depends on the goodwill of families willing to provide housing, we ask that delegates behave respectfully towards their hosts. This includes being home at designated times, leaving their rooms in a clean and proper condition, and communicating with their hosts in a polite manner. If any problems arise at host families, delegates or their MUN Director(s) are asked to contact LmunA’s Head of Housing as soon as possible.

Travel and accommodation
Delegations are able to request housing for their delegates (not their MUN Directors) through the organising school. The organising committee will do their best to grant housing wishes as best as possible, but cannot make any promises on this point as it is dependent on the goodwill of affiliated individuals and neighbouring schools. The LmunA Organisation does not take responsibility for providing travel arrangements or accommodation for delegations which have not been assigned housing. The conference website will offer a number of suggestions for accommodation, as well as detailed travel information using public transport. Additionally, the designated member of the organising committee is more than willing to give advice or suggestions regarding travel and accommodation, but participating delegations have to make sure to arrange these on their own.