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A Model United Nations conference can be very complicated at first. Therefore, we have made a guide which will help you to get through the complicated part of the MUN preparations.

In this booklet you can find information on the structure of our MUN, on how to prepare before arriving at the conference and on the procedure of the debate. Furthermore there are two lists in the back of this booklet, one with the points and motions used during debate and one with typical MUN vocabulary.

Since this booklet contains all the information needed in order to get through the conference, we will distribute this booklet at the beginning of the conference. Do not worry too much about the difficulties of the booklet which you do not understand after reading.

Remember that everyone once started just like you, without exactly knowing what they could expect. Furthermore do not forget that a Model United Nation is supposed to be, besides a very educational, also an enjoyable experience!


The Student Officer team of LmunA consists of the Executive Organizing Committee together with the Co-Presidents, Deputy Presidents, Committee Chairs and Deputies in the various forums. All Student Officers must be thoroughly conversant with Parliamentary Procedure and particularly with the current THIMUN Rules of Procedure. They must have a good knowledge of current affairs as well as of the issues on the agenda. They will be required to write a research report and must be prepared to be actively involved in the lobbying process, coordinating the work of their respective Council or Committee throughout the weekend.

In their letter of application candidates should state which position and which forum(s) they are particularly interested in. When applying for positions as Student Officers they must be aware that they are expected to arrive at the Lorentz Lyceum on Friday morning to actively take part in the StOff Briefing. They are also expected to take part in the StOff Debriefing on Sunday afternoon. Please note that students in their final year of secondary school, who have not previously chaired at LmunA or at a THIMUN-Affiliated conference, are unlikely to be selected.

In general, Deputy Presidents and Deputy Chairs are appointed in order to provide an opportunity for younger students to gain experience. We hope that such students will prove themselves capable and will be available to serve again at the subsequent session of LmunA. Thus, preference will be given to students able to attend this year’s conference, as well as the next.

The executive responsibility of placing and coordinating the LmunA StOff team lies with the Secretary-General and MUN Directors of LmunA.